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Unlike their competition, Chegg is designed as a resource to help high school and college students through every step of their higher learning experience. Chegg was founded in by a small group of college students who realized that it was difficulty for new graduates to find a job without experience but that experience was hard to get without first having a job.

This "chicken and the egg" conundrum formed the name of their startup and also established their mission statement.

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Chegg today represents an all-encompassing resource for students, designed to help them with everything from saving money and securing scholarships to balancing social lives and finding the right tutor. The sometimes exorbitant cost of college textbooks is an expense often overlooked by students just entering college, with a semester's worth of textbooks and workbooks alone sometimes costing hundreds of dollars.

Many of these books will only be used for that semester and then forgotten.

Making the world a better place, one Evil Mad Scientist at a time.

Chegg also provides a variety of options to access your textbook. You can buy a physical copy to have it delivered directly to your door. Chegg sells physical copies of both new and used textbooks. Digital copies can also be ordered for many of the books in the Chegg library, offering you the convenience of accessing your book from a computer, phone, or tablet, often at an even more affordable price than physical books.

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Rentals allow you to get a physical copy of the book at a fraction of the cost to buy it. It's easy to extend a rental, and students are allowed to highlight in their books. If you're looking to make a little extra money at the end of the semester, you can also sell your books back to Chegg.

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  • They make the process easy. You can then print out a shipping label and send it to them for free from any UPS Store. Chegg is about giving students all the tools they need to succeed, and they offer a robust selection of study resources beyond just selling textbooks.

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    Textbook Solutions is a subscription-based service that allows students access to step-by-step solutions for questions in thousands of textbooks. You can rest easy knowing that you understand the material without having to wait on your professor to evaluate it for you. Chegg can also connect you with tutors. Simply search for the subject you need help with from the Tutors section of their site.

    This will connect you to an internal social network platform where you can search through a variety of experienced tutors to find exactly what you need. Users can "like" specific tutors, giving context for how helpful they are. You can message prospective tutors directly through their profile to find out more about them, or click directly to meet up with them. From the tutoring interface, students and tutors can share documents or videos, chat directly, and write on a shared whiteboard.

    Chegg is devoted to helping students before they ever get to college and after they get out. You can explore colleges directly through the Chegg site and sort them by a rich selection of criteria. Then you can hop over to the scholarship section to try and find the financial aid that fits your circumstances. A dedicated job and intern search section allows you to create your own resume, search for employment, and handle your applications all from one easy hub.

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    Chegg has tools to help predict what opportunities might interest you and can evaluate the quality of your resume. Learn what Chegg tutors can do for you by listening to these testimonials from happy students. Chegg on Facebook : Gain access to tips about college and post-college life, and maybe earn some money in the process, by liking Chegg on Facebook. They frequently post links to articles covering a range of subjects like what to pack when you first leave for college, how to save money, and how to find a job after your graduation. They also provide information on upcoming scholarships and contests offered through Chegg.

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    • If you want to move text from one area of the screen to the other, you erase and write it over. According to Barkley, customers ask for those options, and then never use them.

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      More importantly, anyone can interact with it. Conversely, any drawings made by the presenter on the Kapp IQ are pushed to each connected mobile device in real time. Interestingly, Android devices connect far more efficiently than an iPhone, according to Barkley. Android phones, on the other hand, transmit using a higher-powered Bluetooth connection.

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      An Android phone should thus see a smoother connection, he said. Presenters can invite remote users to the shared discussion via a randomly-generated URL that works with any Web browser, which allows remote users to draw on the screen through their mobile devices and receive snapshots as well.